Parts of an anus

With anal sex, the anus can play a role in sexuality. Attitudes towards anal sex vary and it is illegal in some countries. The anus is often considered a taboo part of the body, and it is known by a large number of usually vulgar slang terms. The anus is also the site of potential infections and other conditions, including cancer.‎Structure · ‎Function · ‎Clinical significance · ‎Society and culture. Human anus - Wikipedia Katie. Age: 28. Looking for a pleasurable unrushed time ? Then come get some sweet chocolate ?????? Let's fulfill your sexual fantasies I want to make all your dreams come true while with me! Come take a bite now ???? The injury of skin due to scratching makes irritation more intense and widespread. The anus is approximately 2 to 3 inches long and composed of skin type cells also known as squamous cells. There are two sphincter muscles: an internal sphincter muscle, which can be felt as a muscular ring, beyond which is the rectum; and an external sphincter muscle. The upper portion of the anus, or that part that. Ferrera. Age: 26. Hello! My name is Darina Anal Canal Anatomy The lymph vessels of the anus drain into the lymph nodes in the groin. A muscular ring (anal sphincter) keeps the anus closed. This sphincter is controlled subconsciously by the autonomic nervous system. However, part of the sphincter can be relaxed or tightened at will. Disorders of the anus and rectum include. Explore the Rectum and Anus from the Home Version of the Merck Manuals.

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Alda. Age: 25. I'm Bailey Jun 29, - The anal canal is the most terminal part of the lower GI tract/large intestine, which lies between the anal verge (anal orifice, anus) in the perineum below and the rectum above. The description in this topic is from below upwards, as that is how this region is usually examined in clinical practice.


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