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I Want My Husband To Spank And Punish Me Enough To Change My Bossy Attitude: A true, personal story from the experience, I Spanked My Wife. My husband does spank me as I asked him too. Being submissive to him is a huge turn to both of us. The problem it's mostly sexual to him and I would love for him to get into a. spanking | The Disciplinary Wives Club Dannii. Age: 21. I am just a normal girl whit t-shirt and jeans can talk whit me and have fun whit me.i am smart and nice :-) She is a tennis player and has a strong forehand. Maybe you can write down some of your ideas for how this will go and we can go from there. May 18, - I see a lot of women online asking “how do I get my husband to spank me,” or “how do I get my husband interested in domestic discipline,” or something of that nature. My husband was not even aware of domestic discipline when we got together and he was quite vanilla sexually as well. It took a long time to. Maddalena. Age: 25. Hello, I would like to introduce myself I Want My Husband To Spank And Punish Me Enough To Change My Bossy Attitude Apr 30, - My husband taught me a lesson in respecting him last night:(Over the weekend Afterward, he sent me to the corner and asked me to come up with six things I was going to do to respect him from now on. Then he . Later that night my husband pulled me over his lap to spank me for eating the chocolate. Jul 10, - For years, I fantasized about a little spanking. But I always felt like it would ruin the whole thing if I had to ask. I would lose the breathless shock of being spanked. My husband knew I liked it and did it lightly once in a while, but didn't quite realize how much, as well as how much I like that and other 'kinky.

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Dona. Age: 28. I am a sexy vibrant lady that loves to please respected gents After a brief discussion with you about three weeks ago I had a heart to heart discussion with my husband. I told him that after his years of asking me to spank him as part of our sex life I would consider doing so, but not as a prelude to sex. His only spanking would be as a disciplinary measure when I felt he was behaving in. Aug 5, - What you are doing is dangerous and you need to stop. There is nothing wrong with wanting physical discipline as part of a consensual relationship, but it needs to be communicative and consensual. If he hits you without asking, he's being abusive How to get my wife to spank me. Jun 7, - The first time my husband spanked me, I was utterly shocked. We were dating at I still remember when we were dating, he bought a wooden spoon in a kitchen supply store and kept spanking me with it when we got home. It was nothing like a So finally, one day, I asked him to stop. I told him I thought it.


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