Darkening of the clitoris

Darkening of clitoris is it normal - I m 20yrs old der is white thick creamy discharge from the two sides of clitoris. Is it. Normal? If not what cud b da cause? Discharge. Vaginal discharge requires an examination to determine the cause and treatment. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause and often has a vaginal odor. Why Does Vagina Turn Black? | csma.info Rebeca. Age: 27. Provided Services: I was examining myself and I felt a little bump on the lower left of my clitoris. The color of vaginal skin can not only vary from woman to woman, but can change depending on many different factors, such as: Dark colored Clitoris?. I hate talking about this, one because it's embarrassing, and two because I have to use the word 'clitoris' but I want to hear other women's opinions. I know every girl is different, and every girl looks different down there, but I can't stand the c Womens Health - Sexual Health  Extra skin next to clit - Sexual Health - Women Forum. Alexis. Age: 29. Tendresse...ava Darkening of clitoris is it normal There is also a darkening in color of the clitoris and inner lips at this time. When no longer aroused or after reaching orgasm, regular color returns to the vaginal area. This is due to blood flow returning to normal. This color change during arousal can turn pinks red, and reds to shades of wine, burgundy, or purple. So if you. Feb 11, - I noticed lately that the tips of the lips of my vagina are turning dark colors. they used to be all pink. i saw porns before and sometimes they look the same but all the way dark purple-ish. I dont have much sexual experience so I'm not sure if sex is.

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Cecilia. Age: 21. With me, you are in the right lady, when it comes to sensitive moments together Jun 13, - Skip to page: Anonymous. #1; Thread Starter. #1. 1; this is for the girls. my clitoris area is really dark, my skin colour is white so down below, it really stands out. i think it just gradually went darker after i started puberty, does anyone know how to get it lighter? does anyone else have this? 0. Jan 16, - Most vulvar melanomas are black or dark brown, but they can be white, pink, red, or other colors. They can be found throughout the vulva, but most are in the area around the clitoris or on the labia majora or minora. Vulvar melanomas can sometimes start in a mole, so a change in a mole that has been. Hello, hmmm.. When i checked my genital area months ago, I had found that my clitoris is black, i don't know if that is normal because I have seen lots of images of clitoris in the net, and they are just not like that. I was so disturbed of what could this be. Now that I'm aleady 18 and still virgin, I'm confident that this is not a STD.


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