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Apr 16, - Instead, shots are frequently fired from oblique angles that increase the need for penetration. Development of the eight separate test events was begun by a careful review of actual shootings in FBI files. Most prior testing had involved shooting into bare ballistic gelatin to estimate bullet performance, but that. CALIBERS -- FBI Ballistic Test Protocol Rikki. Age: 28. Panamanian & Ebony Please do not tell me to get another caliber. As the article states, all duty caliber handgun rounds are just not that effective. Oct 15, - The goal of our project is to test as many loads as possible in order to determine how they compare to the FBI standard recommended penetration depth of ″. We also want to know how well the bullets expand when they encounter a barrier of heavy clothing before entering the gel. Whenever feasible  ‎Lucky Gunner Testing · ‎How to Read the Results · ‎Ballistics Test Results. Victoria. Age: 21. 5'9 with 36 triple ddds n loves to please FBI Standards: Should we care? As far as I've been able to figure out, the FBI tests are done as follows: 1. Fire test rounds into both bare and "clothed" gelatin blocks. The gel blocks have been calibrated so that they have a standard consistency. Measure the maximum penetration, and; Retrieve the expanded round and measure its expansion. The data. FBI Ballistic Test Protocol: Briefly, the performance standards are simple. A handgun bullet must consistently penetrate a minimum of 12 inches of tissue in order to reliably penetrate vital organs within the human target regardless of the angle of impact or intervening obstacles such as arms, clothing, glass, etc. Penetration of.

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Lauren. Age: 25. lara All Hornady® ammunition featured in this Application Guide is tested according to established FBI Penetration Testing protocol. An explanation of the official FBI Penetration Testing is included on the following five pages. Hornady Test Protocol. All terminal testing is from actual firearms. The gelatin images represent one. since further refined the testing, which now consists of six events ranging from shooting into bare gelatin to gauge steel. Contrary to the claims of some manufacturers, you cannot exceed the protocol. The penetration standard of 12 to 18 inches is either met or it isn't. (See Figure 1). Figure 1. FBI PENETRATION TEST. rhage. Thus, the FBI's test pro- gram was designed to evaluate bullet penetration and wound size. Ammunition Test Design. With the performance criteria acquired from the Wound Ballis- tics Seminar, the next step was to design and construct a series of ammunition tests to measure the performance of different rounds.


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