Munitions penetration thickness plexiglass

for application of the equations to nonmetallic targets, including bonded and unbonded nylon, Lexan (polycarbonate), Plexiglas (both as cast and stretched), JTCG/ME penetration handbook The Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness (JTCG/ME) Anti-Air built upon the work published in. Bullet Fragmentation Inside Plexiglas Persia. Age: 23. I'm Katherine! It is observed that kinetic energy of the jet decreases as angle increases, also total energy of the explosive increases and hence the Ratio of the K. Apr 20, - I wonder what thickness of plexiglas she used? It seems to be easily This ammo is not designed for deep penetration but for expansion and quick shock to the body. I would submit . I was one of the two officers providing the weapons, ammunition, and range to conduct this “art” exercise. The plexigalss. Vanessa. Age: 22. Hello Gentleman, I provide companionship for the upscale and professional gentleman visiting Tokyo on business Shooting through glass Hand controls turn it in azimuth and elevation and fire the guns; there is equipment for oxygen and interphone communication, gun sights, ammunition belts, and containers. The turret is armor protected, and it has a plexiglas dome, or curved plexiglas panels fitted into the steel mountings. The B engineer works this. Nov 30, - An unexpected addition to the test was a piece of inch thick Plexiglas. I know that nobody has walls made of this, but I thought it would be fun to shoot it while I was at it. I will caution people from drawing conclusions about bullet performance based on the impact patterns in the Plexiglas. It did however.

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Amai. Age: 27. What you get from in a date is a whole new level of intimacy, i am intelligent and well travelled and know how to keep up a great conversation with aspiring gentleme. I also entertain couple and am very good at what i do . See and feel the difference by spending some times with me full of pleasure stepping out of your boring routines. Aug 3, - I have a questions of the ballistics of m ball through thick glass plexi glass such as what angles will the round be deflected and such, i have. I tried a few different rounds, and found that a win mag penetrated the best would do it, but wasn't very potent after breaching the used full. aluminum and plexiglass that turned her slipstream into a flying junkyard. The flame and smoke trailed a long line of A mile behind the wreckage their thousand-pound bomb pierced the steel deck of the Hyuga, penetrated the lower decks, and erupted inside the armor plated citadel. Contained within sixteeninch thick hull. thick sheets. Fig. 32 and 33 show drill holes and screwed connec- tions designed for use with PLEXIGLAS®. As a general principle, linear fastening is to be preferred since . penetration of ammunition Table 2b: Calculation of the sheet thickness in mm; above PLEXIGLAS® GS and XT, below PLEXIGLAS RESIST®


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