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I had my fingers pretty deep in her and I kept going for about 2 min until I realized I had cum on my fingers. I told her and she started crying and freaked out. I know it is possible to get pregnant that way but what are the chances since the sperm were in the open air for about a minute? I really hope she isn't. Chances of getting pregnant with cum on fingers ? - csma.info Forums Aries. Age: 29. I enjoy meeting interesting and sensual gentlemen Please see the bottom of the page for more information or visit our Terms and Conditions. Feb 5, - i'm 17 years old and my period is almost a week late and i have sore boobs. usually i get bad cramps before my period, i have been geting them but they arent that bad and then they just go away. i havent had sex but my boyfirend has fingered me. is it possible to get pregnant if he had a little bit of sperm on. Lindsey. Age: 23. I enjoy travelling, good food & wine & also being spoilt. Pregnancy, Trying to conceive & Parenting Forum I was wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant from being fingered with sperm on the fingers or knows anyone that has? hi all it is my first time on this website,,but always been a guest,,i was wondering if anyone can help me,me and my husband use the withdrwal method usualy,and never fell pregnant with it,i had my last period on oct 30,ave cycle of 26 days,on nov 10 we had s_x using the withdrwal method,and he.

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Teri. Age: 27. hi i am Yarina i love my job and i like to make sex oral normal in different position if whant to have a real girl i come in your hotel room, apatment, call me for more details Mar 13, - It would actually be a lot cleaner if you did let him cum inside of you, instead of getting it all over your fingers. If you let him finish inside of you the semen will be a lot closer to your cervix, and it shoots out propelling it up into your uterus. If you use your fingers to shove it in, you automatically put the sperm at. Mar 31, - Yes it can. Let's look at the simple equation that we should all remember; Sperm / pre-cum + vagina = potential pregnancy. You could ejaculate on a banana and insert it into a woman and she could become pregnant. Despite what some weird cults arou I fingered my girlfriend after masturbating, is it possible she is.


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