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"You're not wetting in my car! How old are you? Can't you even control yourself?" +. The words stung. Heth's grip on himself slipped as he registered his brother's words. His weakened bladder couldn't take it. +. The next thing Heth knew, pee was splattering all over the place. The warm liquid shot through his hands and. 19 Pee Horror Stories That'll Put Your Bladder To Shame Brittany. Age: 19. I am a sexy temptress for higher, the naughty seductress you dream about, your secret escape into a world of fantasy and pleasure Will you join me and drop your pants? Alone with my shame while changing my soaked bottom half, I took some deep breaths as I came back to reality. Dec 8, - When I was young, I used to dance ballet. I had a performance where I went center stage and all the other girls had to crawl through my legs. I peed on every single one of them, yet they kept on crawling through. I danced offstage acting like nothing happened at all, but the home video shows otherwise. Angelika. Age: 27. Hello dear Gentlemen! 19 Pee Horror Stories That'll Put Your Bladder To Shame Sep 21, - But my God! A lot of you have pissed yourselves at inopportune times! Here are the best of those stories. Here's a common situation: You're a kid in school, and you ask the teacher if you can use the restroom, and Lots of people have stories of pants-peeing from childhood, including our own Billy Haisley. Oct 28, - So I took my underwear, rinsed them and stuck them in the freezer and staged the 'frozen underwear' prank on myself to cover my pee pee tracks and get some sympathy on side. Morning comes. Mom hosting discovers my undies and is mad at the other girls for what she perceives is bullying. They won't.

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Chastity. Age: 29. I am fully INDEPENDENT and my pictures are REAL and ACCURATE so if we meet, you can be assured I will not look any different "I just got sent home from work for peeing on myself. I was so embarrassed, but my manager was so cool about it. He even hid the chair that had the wet spot on it in a back room so no one would see it." "My husband was going to pick me up for my lunch break. I was on the phone [with him] when I had to sneeze, and I peed. Jan 22, - I spent this weekend at my younger sister's apartment, which she shares with her college BFF. On Sunday night, her BFF came home super wasted and then went to bed. About an hour or so later, she came out of her room and sat down at the kitchen table and peed. My sister freaked out and kept saying. Jan 11, - In order for you to fully grasp the gravity of my story, I have to give you some background. First, I hate embarrassment. I hate feeling personally embarrassed, and I hate watching other people experience embarrassment. Even when I'm alone (at the age of 27) watching a fictional character on TV in a.


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